Superstar Springtime Smiles: Dental Damage

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Several types of dental damage can seriously impair your oral health and the way your mouth functions. Through the use of various restoration treatments, your dentist will be able to restore any damage that has occurred. However, it is important to make sure you’re aware of any risks within your life that can be putting your teeth in harm’s way. To eliminate the need for serious restoration treatments down the road, take additional steps to protect and safeguard your smile.

Some types of dental damage can often arise due to sports. If you are involved in sports, be aware that significant strikes or damage to the facial area is quite common. However, you can be protected by always making sure that you wear the necessary protective gear at all times, which includes helmets, face masks or mouth guards.

Another oral health risk that often gives rise to dental damage is through the use of mouth jewelry. Mouth jewelry, such as lip or tongue rings, are devices that are placed directly into your mouth, often for aesthetic appeal. However, they can often lead to a downturn in your oral health due to the number of risks that they pose. If placed incorrectly, a tongue ring can cause permanent nerve damage along with burst blood vessels. Furthermore, it is possible to sustain infectious diseases, chipped or cracked teeth, severe gum lacerations and oral inflammation all exist as the result of the use of mouth jewelry. To help protect your smile, limit the use of mouth jewelry or eliminate them entirely from your life.

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