The Types of Dental Crowns

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If you are looking to restore a broken tooth, a dental crown may be the thing you are looking for. We offer a variety of crowns, such as gold, porcelain and porcelain fused to metal. They each have their benefits, and we can give you a brief overview here.

Gold crowns are actually made of few metals, but gold is included in the makeup, and they have the basic look of the valuable metal. This variety is among the strongest, meaning these crowns do not break very easily. Damaged teeth can be more vulnerable to attacks from tooth decay, but these crowns can be very helpful at preventing this problem.

Porcelain crowns are not as strong, but they come with a nice benefit. The porcelain can have a white color that blends with the teeth. This can provide a more natural appearance. Because of this, they may be better at restoring the front teeth, where a gold crown would probably be too noticeable.

Porcelain fused to metal can offer a combination of the benefits provided by the other two. Though not quite as strong as a gold alloy, it can withstand forces that would break regular porcelain. The metal that is used can keep decay from affecting a tooth the gold alloy can. The porcelain can do its job of blending in with your teeth.

Our dentists here at Louisiana Dental Center in Harvey, Louisiana, can describe more of the benefits of each crown to help you decide which one can work best for you. You can schedule a visit with us by calling (504) 324-3353. We look forward to helping you get your best smile!